Monday, May 4, 2009

What to Do About Left-over Cheese

Hey Cheese Fans!

OK! People want to know what to do with left-overs. Start by evaluating the cheese(s); Trim rinds, unwanted molds and dried out bits. Smell the cheese. It should not smell ammoniated. This is bad.

OK. Now that you have cleaned and gathered the stragglers, roughly chop and lightly coat with flour or other starch. Add liquid (i.e. milk/cream, beer, white wine) and heat over a low flame while stirring to incorporate cheese.

With this concoction the possibilities are endless: Add macaroni or other noodles for a quick lunch, pour over hearty bread and bake for a quicky rarebit. You can do so much with this simple idea! Share your recipes and discoveries. We'd love to hear them.

All is fair in cheese,

Henry T. Cram

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