Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sake Tasting Notes

Many thanks to Yoshi Murakami for making our first Sake tasting an informative and memorable one! Below are the notes from the tasting.

Shinrai “Thunder Boy”(Tokubetsu-Junmai)
This Junmai is clean, crisp, and beginner friendly with delicate dryness and smoothly dissolving finish. When warmed, this sake presents itself with a curious alter ego of intensely focused personality with a pleasant dried fruit-driven maturity. Enjoy chilled, room temperature, or gently warmed.

This sake is a real treat, for it is a good lesson in contradiction. The lesson is... that it is complex in its simplicity; it is sweet yet dry, it's chewy but soft, and it seems a bit dull even though it is vast in flavor. The nose shows marshmallowy fruit, and yet the granular fragrance of the rice adds a welcome nuance. This sake is round and easy to drink for the novice, and yet interesting enough for even the seasoned sake lover.

Kobe No Kaze
This sake is very round and smooth on the palate. It is very approachable, yet it has some unique flavors like sweet nougat and green tea with a pleasant nuance and mouth feel of honey-cured bacon fat. All of these facets come together seamlessly and create what can only be described as umami. Enjoy as a cocktail, but be astounded when this sake is paired with a hearty, white sauce Italian dish.

Classification of sake:

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Koji mold, Yeast, Rice, Water, Koji mold, Yeast, & Distilled Alcohol.

Seimai buai (Polishing Rate) =% of the rice which remains after grinding.

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