Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beegreen Farm Stand on the Surfas Patio All Spring and Summer Long

Bettina from BeeGreenFarm will be selling seasonal items from her organic farm on our Cafe Surfas Patio all spring and summer long! For more information on BeeGreenFarm, please check out their site at: http://www.beegreenfarm.com/ Here's a sampling of items Bettina will be selling:

  • A culinary assortment fresh, dry and potted oregano, thyme, bay laurel rosemary
  • Rosemary skewers for grilling
  • “Cozy Culinary Kindling” a fragrant culinary potpourri for your BBQ
  • Dehydrated oranges and lemon
  • Dried viola, perfect for decorating cupcakes and candies
  • Potted miniature olive trees
  • Assorted flowering branches

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