Friday, April 24, 2009

NEW!!! Chef Classes in the Surfas Test Kitchen Starting in May

Starting May 3!!! Unlike our free demos, these classes offer the opportunity for YOU to be a participant in a small class setting.

Learn cooking, baking and culinary skills from pre-eminent professional and private chefs, bakers and caterers, restaurateurs, wine and beer experts and culinary teachers. Discover first hand the tricks of the trade and many invaluable tips of the industry in our state of the art commercial kitchen. All programs are developed by independent food professionals for you to gain knowledge that can be used in your own kitchen. These are unique classes hosted by Surfas but are solely created and arranged for you by the instructor. Therefore these are experiences that will reflect the ideas, techniques, and expertise each instructor brings to the group. We encourage you to consider being a participant and to enjoy bring your friends and have fun learning from these wonderful professionals.

Some of our upcoming classes:
  • May 3, Spices Un-Limited with Un-Curry
  • May 6, Cupcake Lunchdate! Gourmet Cupcake Baking and Decorating Class with Gourmandise Desserts
  • May 13, Amanda Cushman: Dining in Tuscany
For more information, and a complete listing of classes, please visit our Chef Classes page!

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